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Welcome and thanks for visiting our website is a songwriters, artistes and music industry
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Song and Media Promotions

'Let the world hear your music'
If you as a songwriter or as an artiste want to try to gain success in the music industry, then you have to promote yourself - you need to get connected with the many music industry contacts within the music industry being: music publishers, record labels, A&R personnel, artiste managers, entertainment agents, producers, public relations personnel, radio producers and presenters
SCAMP Studio demo service

Demo Service

SCAMP Studio demo service

Our demos are produced, arranged and recorded to a studio broadcast and commercial standard exclusively for members of The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers with whom we have had an affiliation for 30 years through our demo recording services

Website Design

Responsive website design

Our songwriter and artiste website package.
We set it up for you, includes domain name and hosting for twelve month.  Add your biography and photo, along with six of your audio tracks/songs. You can then promote your songs direct to music publishers, record companies, artiste management facilities, radio stations, producers etc inviting them to visit your web page to review your songs on a self promotional basis

Song Videos

We create song videos & upload to YouTube

We create Song Videos of songwriters' songs and combine them with high quality suitably themed images or video footage to engage the viewer. We upload the finished video to YouTube and provide the embed code for installing on their website, Facebook, Twitter and social media pages to bring attention to their songs


Promote songwriters songs & instrumentals

Our promotional services are designed to help increase the awareness of your songs, to try and gain further exposure of your talents to personnel and services within the music industry

Do you have questions about the music industry?

The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers is the home of songwriting for all songwriters, composers, singer songwriters, performing artistes, lyicists, DJs, poets and all those involved in the music industry.
Visit their website to find out about the many aspects of songwriting, composing, lyric writing, performing, singing, recording, music publishing, copyright protection, songwriting contests, management, songwriter collaborations and songwriting partnerships, songwriters assessments, song promotions, music industry contacts. 

The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers

Visit our Songwriter & Composers websites
by clicking on their website image

Alfred Roy Davies

Alfred Roy Davis - Songwriter  

Barry Foot

Barry Foot  -  Songwriter 

Bob Boyes

Bob Boyes - Songwriter

Cecil Gee Wood Songwriter & Composer

Cecil Gee Wood - Songwriter

Democrito Manyissa - Songwriter & Composer

Democrito Manyissa - Songwriter  

Edward Sealy - Songwriter

Edward Sealy  -  Songwriter 

John Day - Songwriter

John Day - Songwriter

John Latimer - Songwriter

John Latimer -  Songwriter

Rod Bullimore

Rod Bullimore Songwriter  

Ron White

Ron White -  Songwriter 

Terry Tucker

Terry Tucker - Songwriter

Val Fay

Val Fay -  Songwriter

Cecil Wiltshire

Cecil Wiltshire - Composer  

Collin Hampton

Collin Hampton -  Songwriter 

Pauline and Paul

Pauline and Paul - Songwriters

Valerie Anne Lloyd

Valerie Anne Lloyd -  Songwriter