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Who we are, What we do, Where we are based

SCAMP Studio – we are an independent private demonstration recording studio and have been established since 1986 in the North East of England. We work closely with members of the Guild of International Songwriters & Composers providing demonstration recordings of original works for Guild members.


We take tremendous care in producing a quality finished product that not only looks good in it’s presentation but more importantly the finished song or instrumental track is produced and mastered to Broadcast Standard. - we specialise in helping with the promotion of songwriters' songs, composers' instrumental themes, artistes' performances, music marketing, download sales facilities, We offer a range of services which includes:

  • creating fully responsive website designs to enable songwriters to showcase and promote their songs
  • song videos of songwriters songs which we upload to YouTube and feature on their websites
  • music manuscript from 3 stave vocal & piano score and lead line manuscript with typed lyrics and chord symbols.

Song and Media Promtions

'Let the world hear your music'