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SCAMP STUDIO - Demo Terms & Conditions 

 Please read before ordering your demo recording


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MELODY GUIDE: - Your melody guide is the most important part of your song, we are happy to work with songwriters who sing their melody line (on tape or CD or supplied on a USB memory stick in an MP3 format), with or without accompaniment (Backing), or supplied on Lead Line Manuscript, or played, whistled or hummed.  

N.B: Please remember, what you are supplying to us is a MELODY GUIDE only. If you supply your melody guide on it’s own without any backing, then, unless you have been gifted with ‘perfect pitch’, the pitch (up and down tonal movement) of your melody line will without doubt, vary throughout your song. When this occurs we have to use our own judgment to adjust your melody line accordingly to ensure that the notes fit into the ‘key signature’ of the song.

KEY CHANGE: - If however, you deliberately want a definite ‘key change’ in certain parts of your song you will need to mark this clearly on your lyric sheet so we will know.

TEMPO: - With regard to the tempo of your song (how fast or slow it is played or sung), if you do not advise us again we have to make a judgement and take an average of the various sections to end up at a finished tempo.

CONCLUSION: - We will endeavour at all times to give an accurate interpretation of your melody guideline however, we are unable to give an exact note by note copy of every little nuance of your melody guide unless we are supplied with Lead Line Manuscript which clearly indicates the pitch and length of each individual note and musical phrase.
LYRIC ADJUSTMENTS: - Should the lyrics differ on the supplied audio cassette/cd/mp3 from what is written we will always follow the written lyrics unless advised otherwise.

MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT: - You must always give us some instruction regarding the musical arrangement of your song even something as basic as a ‘slow, fast or medium Ballad’ or, ‘Top 40 Chart’ song, which could also be, ‘slow, medium or fast’. Some information is better than no information. Your instructions should be concise but informative and should be no more than 2 pages (maximum) per song submitted. We will not accept page after page of instructions. If your work is this specific you really need to be using a local studio and overseeing the production for yourself. To avoid any disappointment with regard to the music style of the song, please tell us what you want. You may wish your song to emulate a particular artiste or genre`, please let us know.

SINGERS:- We have contracted singers who will endeavour to give a good rendition of your song/s. As the demos are produced to a set budget, it is not possible to acquire bespoke singers for this service.

OVERALL CONCLUSION:- We will carefully produce an arrangement of your song or instrumental composition from the information you supply and use the melody guide you provide within the limitations outlined above in the heading ‘Melody Guide’. If we overlook any instruction or wrongly interpret any point you have clearly given we will be happy to correct the error FREE OF CHARGE. However, we accept no responsibility to re-demo a song or composition if we are not given full and clear information in the first instance or, if any part of the arrangement is not to your particular liking.

CHANGES/ALTERATIONS: - Should you require changes/alterations we must be informed within 30 days after receipt of your completed order. Any alterations that you want us to make will require an additional charge to cover production costs and postage. Thank you


WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU:- Your order should include the following:-

1. When sending via post: a completed order form or alternatively a cover letter with clear instruction and contact details.

2. Your song/s or instrumental/s on cassette/CD or supplied on a USB memory stick in an mp3 format. (either vocal, humming, whistling or played on an instrument as long as the melody line is clearly defined)

3. A lyric sheet clearly written, typed or printed.

4. An indication of style and tempo (fast, medium or slow etc.) and any other relevant information to support your demonstration requirements. (Instructions should be no more than 2 pages maximum per song submission).

5. Lead Line Manuscript if available.

6. PAYMENT:- of the full amount by Cheque or Postal Order should be made payable to SCAMP Studio; or

7. If you have a PayPal account you can pay us direct at: - or

8. Payment can be made via our website at: Members.html

where you have the option of using either a PayPal account or a Debit/Credit Card.

9. If you would like to order a demo recording plus additional services please email us with your requirements 

to: alternately click on this link to order via our online page

All orders for demos forwarded by post should be sent to SCAMP & Song & Media, Northland House, 32 Hillgarth, Castleside, Consett, Co. Durham, DH8 9QD, U.K. A paid receipt will then be issued via email or sent by post when no email address is available. Should payment not be honoured a stop will be put on the order until the payment issue is resolved.

*For orders placed via the website: - Your demo information (including your GISC membership number) should be sent as attachments; either as ‘word documents’ or in ‘PDF’ format and the vocal interpretation sent as an ‘mp3’ file. Alternatively, your hard copy information can be sent via post on CD or USB Memory Stick in the usual way. 

N.B. All of your demonstration order information will be retained by SCAMP Studio and will not be returned with your finished order. It is important therefore, (for your own reference and records) that you keep a copy of all the demonstration order information submitted to us. 

TURNAROUND:- Our normal turnaround for demos is between 6 and 8 weeks depending on workload. This time scale starts from the date shown on your ‘paid receipt’.

SONG LENGTH: - Demonstration songs or instrumental tracks are calculated up to 5 minutes in length. Any songs or instrumental tracks over 5 minutes will incur an additional charge of £25.00 per minute over-run fee.


What is a Demo? - Demo recordings are exactly what they say – a demonstration recording of a song to be used to bring the song to the attention of artistes who wish to record the song, publishers and record companies wishing to promote or record the works, and are for promotional purposes only. It is illegal to sell any demonstration recording if you do not have a ‘Grant of Rights’ from the owner of the Performers Rights and Phonographic Rights that subsist within the recording(s) of any demo service due to the performers protected rights under part 2 of the UK Copyright Act.

Grant of Rights:- Should you wish to find out more about obtaining a “Grant of Rights” for any of your works produced by SCAMP Studio you will need to contact us at our email address: or alternatively by post at: SCAMP Studio, 32 Hillgarth, Consett, Co. Durham, DH8 9QD, U.K.

RIGHT TO REFUSE: - We reserve the right to refuse to undertake applications for demonstration recordings that we consider to be unworkable due to the lack of clear information given or, that we feel the content of which would give offence or, the content of which is inappropriate in any way.  

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